Programa Científico


Prof. Dr. ANTOCE Arina Oana - Oenology Commission
Dr.CHIRIŢĂ Otilia - Economic and Legislation Commission
Prof. Univ. Dr. COTEA Valeriu - Oenology Commission
Prof. Univ. Dr.Ing. CROITORU Constantin - Oenology Commission
Prof. Univ. Dr. DEJEU Liviu - Viticulture Commission
Lector. Univ. ION Raluca Andreea - Economic and Legislation Commission
Prof. Univ. Dr. ROTARU Liliana - Viticulture Commission
Dr. Ing. SERDINESCU Adrian - Viticulture Commission
Dr. ZAMFIR Cătălin-Ioan - Economic and Legislation Commission
Dr. Ing. ZĂNOAGĂ Cristinel - Committee on Health and Wine


B.1. Scientific Program - Download PDF

B.2. Poster communication list - Download PDF

B.3. Oral and Short Communication list - Download PDF

B.4. Schedule for Oral and Short Communication - Download PDF


C.1. Poster instructions - Download PDF

C.2. Oral instructions - Download PDF

INFO: Oral communications last 15 minutes

C.3. Short Communication instructions - Download PDF

INFO: Short communications last 5 minutes