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General Congress Theme:
Vine and Wine between Tradition and Modernity

Theme Viticulture:

  1. Grapevine genetic biodiversity and their sustainable use
  2. Development of adaptation strategies to climatic changes
  3. Viticultural practices and their influence on yield and quality
  4. The effects of viticulture on its environment

Theme Oenology

  1. Traditional winemaking versus innovative technologies
  2.  Good practices in enology.
  3. Advances in analysis of grape and wine products.
  4. Developments in wine microbiology. Awareness, monitoring and impact.

Theme Economy and law

  1. Culture, history and traditions in wine consumption
  2. New products and new markets
  3. Legislation: between tradition and innovation in vitiviniculture
  4. Consumer information and wine education.

Theme Safety and Health

  1. Vitivinicultural products as part as of healthy diet
  2. Wine consumption patterns: health and social implications
  3. Identification, reduction and removal of possible contaminants from vitivinicultural products.
  4. Risk assessment, risk management and traceability